About This Section: Message to the Black Man

I have created a section entitled “Message to the Black Man”. It is named for one of my favorite books of all time, Message to the Black Man, by Elijah Muhammad. It is a MUST READ for especially young black men and boys.

So, I am currently writing a book entitled “My Message to the Black Man”, along the same lines. I originally wanted to entitle it “The Solution”. But I realize–after repeatedly referring back to Elijah Muhammad’s writings and teachings–that I am more than influenced by this man and his organization; I am guided by it.

We will discuss any number of things from love to sex and marriage to entreprenuership to economics to religion to rearing children to recipes. And they are all contained within the pages of my book. I guarantee that this book will be life-changing for you and those whom you gift this book to.

Please check back with me regularly, and I will take you on a mental and spiritual journey to success in your lives. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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