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10 Things I Wished More Black Folks Knew….

What a year it has been!

Dang, I’ve been off for at least a year. Working my behind off, getting ready for the next phase of my life–which I will be financing myself, so it requires me to work 13 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stay tuned for that story, which you will find here. Right now, it’s just a landing page, but check back regularly; you’ll find a ton of stuff by the summertime.

And being the busy-body schitzo type, I digress…

So I belong to a few Afro-centric, Black power, and Pan-African groups. Funny thing about that crowd. Within the “Conscious Community”, you will find many aware, eyes-open-wide folks. However, you will also find many close-minded people who are just as ignorant as they were before becoming self-aware–armed with not much more than a few pieces of trivia and plenty of rhetoric. As usual, I am prone to argument, going up against the grain. It’s because, I don’t know… I’m a thinker and an independent-minded guy. I rarely follow the crowd and I always question my teachers. “Question” as in “challenge”; I’m the kind of student many teachers dislike, but self-assured, confident teachers welcome. In the martial arts, I’m the guy who spars with my seniors.

In my 46 years, I’ve learned a few things and I love teaching and sharing. Many who haven’t learned these things will often automatically disagree, while others will be skeptical. That’s fine, don’t take my word for it; do your research and see if I’m telling the truth! Here is a list of things I wish could go viral in the Black community. There is a lot of finger-pointing in the conscious community, but not very much in the way of solutions. I have compiled a list of useful information that all Black people need to know–which I believe will help improve our situation. I throw it out like political talking points, but they are so much more valuable than that. If only, huh. Well… It needs to go viral. Let’s see if social media can make it happen…

  1. Regardless of who is the blame of our second-class status in America, no one will get us out of it but OURSELVES. Yes, it is unfair to cripple a man and then expect him to pull himself up by his bootstraps. Yes, America owes us reparations. But you are expecting a man with no conscience to right his wrong, when he mostly denies his wrongdoing; you are expecting a thief to repay his debt. IT WON’T HAPPEN. So, what’s next? Wait for him to realize the err of his ways? Hell no. No one will solve this for us. We have the means and the numbers to fix our own situation, but more on that later. Just know this:  No other group is going to work harder to fix the Black man’s problem than the Black man himself. When you’re done marching and begging, let me know. There’s work to be done.
  2. The opposite of racism is prestige. You cannot change a hateful man’s mind. You cannot make your enemy love you. But if you raise yourself to a level of prestige, you can erase all power his hate has over you. How does racism affect Black people? It prevents us from feeding our families and getting jobs, it prevents us from finding decent housing, it fails our children in education or sends them to special education, it gets us killed during traffic stops, it causes entire political parties to IGNORE our community’s needs. Now, elevate our people to a higher level of prestige. Pool all our money together. Did you realize that the Black community has $1.1 Trillion in spending power? That’s more than most of the nations on Earth! But the money means nothing if we do not wield it to our advantage. If we could somehow keep all of that money in the Black community and never let the money out, it give us power. Companies will have to beg for Black customers. Politicians will ask for donations and votes. Those Asian and Indian stores run by rude people will go bankrupt unless Black folks decide to patronize. Even banks who deny Black people credit will have to beg our people to store our money with them. But guess what? All those people get our votes, get our money, get our business despite that they treat you bad, refuse to hire your people or support your causes. Raise your esteem and prestige, you erase the effects of racism.
  3. The greatest thing you’ve ever done is make those babies you’ve got. Regardless of whether or not you’ve done right by them, you will discover one day that the greatest thing you’ve ever done is have children. To be able to look at your legacy one day, and see little people who look like you… they have your facial features, your walk, your temper, your voice… You will finally see what your purpose in life was all about. Stop what you’re doing, and go and love those kids and cherish them. Chances are that right now you’re young and preoccupied by whatever. Well when you make it to your 40s and 50s, you will look back and your children and your children’s children will be the most memorable of them all–the most everlasting of them all. Don’t worry about what you’ve done up to this point. From here forward, I want you to bring it back to the middle and cherish all you have left of it. Even if you have to break bread, make apologies and beg forgiveness, listen to a bunch of chastizing–don’t let this major part of who you are slip away. The older you get, the more you will realize, you don’t have much else of value besides your children and grandchildren. Your gift to the world…
  4. Getting married is the key to prosperity. But only if you stay together. Two people working together have double the income, double the companionship, double the wisdom, but only half the headache and half the burden. Even if you both only make $10/hr, as a couple you have a $20/hr job. You’re bringing double the income into the household, that means your thousand dollar rent is only $500. $160 in groceries is only $80. You don’t have to drive nowhere to get sex; it’s right across the bed (ZERO spent on motels, unless y’all go out of town lol). No trips to child support, no battles in family court, no headache over who’s weekend it is to keep the kids. Life is so much better if you’d just do what you gotta do to make this family thing work. And here’s the kicker:  The chances of your children being a disappointment are so much lower; you’ll be raising happier, more well-grounded kids who do not have separation anxiety or emotional issues. They know what love looks like and will be less prone to bad relationships because you and your spouse have taught them what a successful couple looks like. Single parenting is NOT the business. Black folks, we are the only people in America being told that marriage ain’t shit. Don’t believe it. Your enemies want to see you fail; keep those families together
  5. A complete “education” need not necessarily be a *College* education. We should be encouraging our children to finish their education by pursuing any vocation or career that makes them happy or piques their interest. It does not have to be through a university! Trade schools and unions are just as good in keeping our people employed and on the road to prosperity. They say that with a trade, you’ll never go hungry; so much wisdom in that. The world may not always need expertise in history or philosophy, but it will always need mechanics, construction workers, folks in the medical field. And if our children struggled through high school and show that they are not cut out for academics, pushing them towards the university is just rushing them to fail. Understand that what they want for themselves, what they are gifted in, may not match what we want them to do. Perhaps your daughter is an artisan and wants to work with her hands. Maybe your son liked basketball but lacks the discipline to train every day; perhaps he wants to help heal the sick. Find out what makes our children tick, and help them chart a plan to get there!
  6. Keep your dollars Black. Your community depends on your income and everyone else’s income to keep it going. Why are you patronizing businesses that care nothing about your people? Can’t you find a black business that offers the same product? No grocery store owned by Black people nearby? Sounds like a need to me… (read on!)
  7. Every Black community needs: Day care for its children, food and grocery, laundry facilities, auto shops, insurance, recreation for the children, tutoring for the children, clothing, medical treatments, convenience stores, housing, and forms of media…  How many Black people have children in the community? How many Black people eat? How many Black families clothe their children? How many Black folks wash in a wash house? How many Black folks need health care? Dental care? Prescriptions filled? How many cars are in the Black community? How many need insurance?  Then why are we waiting on KOREANS and CHINESE to open such businesses in our own communities? If you were to open one of these essential businesses, you should automatically have clientele, am I right? So tell me, why are you working that job you hate so much? Pool your money with two good friends and start rebuilding a Black Wall Street, pronto. You can’t fail, it’s 2016!!!
  8. The world is huge; YOU’RE FREE!!! There is a reason that Black people ended up sharecropping for the same masters they served as slaves when we were free. That reason explains why, at the height of Jim Crow and the KKK were killing our people nightly, Black folks didn’t leave the South. It also explains why, with all the warnings our people had before Hurricaine Katrina, we refused to leave. It explains why Marcus Garvey couldn’t fill his ship with Black people willing to return to Africa and leave this horrible HELL we were living in under stress, torture and hate. Most of us are still in a slave mentality. We can’t imagine life without White people. We can’t imagine life away from America. We can’t imagine life off the plantation. Talk to a Black man about returning to Africa, he will give you all kinds of excuses:  This is MY country, my forefathers built this place, America owes me, you want me to live in a HUT?, there’s despair and malaria over there, blah blah blah, quack quack quack. All of that boils down to this:  We believe that the only way we can live good is to live in a Westernized society. We haven’t seen Lagos or Abuja, Johannesburg or Addis Ababa. We think everyone in Africa is living in the bush because we believe the propaganda. Either that, or we feel almost as American as White Americans… just, maybe–one step down from them. If we knew how much good living there was out there —-> Outside America’s borders, we’d leave in a heartbeat.
  9. The dollar bill is worth so much more outside of America. Could you budget your lifestyle to save $250 a pay period? If you can, you could rebuild your life in five years and live like a king. Saving $500 a month, you would have $30,000 in five years. This would enable you to expatriate to almost any nation on Earth–to Africa, Latin America or Asia, where your $30K would have 2, maybe 3 times the spending power it has here in the States–and live that life you’ve always dreamed. Start a business. Buy a beautiful home. Let your children know what it feels like to live away from racism and second class citizenship. Remember, you are an American. This fact alone gives you prestige around the world. They won’t see you as a Negro or Nigger. Most countries don’t even have slurs for Black people! But your money is worth more abroad, and this puts you in a place where you could possibly live any dream you want. You just have to work for it, and know that it’s possible. And be daring enough to pursue it.
  10. Bad credit and criminal records in America don’t affect you abroad. Honestly. I had met a couple in Tijuna, Mexico, years ago with my ex-wife. The husband had a criminal record here in the US, but had a prosperous business with a friend in Mexico. He told me that he relocated because living in LA, he was rejected from all possible employment routes, while in Mexico he was just an expat with a business plan. Ditto that for personal credit. If you’ve run into obstacles here in the States, like so many of us do–these records are meaningless if you relocate. Start your life over and do it RIGHT this time!

I actually have at least ten more, but we will revisit this topic another day. In the meantime, please share!!! And comment below…

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