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Top 8 Things That Will Save the Black Man

I told you, I am a man of solutions.

I was called to the carpet for beating up my fellow Black brothers. Frankly, I think that was a bitch move. Not that I’m calling y’all bitches for defending the Black man. I’m just saying that was some bitch shit. And that is one of the things that makes many of our Black men..bitches. I mean, come on, yall! Are we strong men or what? Do we still have the Master trying to whip our brothers, that you need to shield him? Let’s just call a spade a spade, and get some brutal reality:

  • too many of us do not take care of our kids
  • too many of us are in prison
  • too many of us would rather appear as a thug than as a normal member of society
  • too many of YOU consider an ex-con a viable mate
  • too many of YOU will allow a man to fuck you and not feed your children
  • too many of YOU are being allowed to dress like whores and are not being checked by your man
  • not enough of us are prosperous, and the white man don’t have shit to do with it
  • not enough of us are educated
  • not enough of us matter to politicians because we are powerless, and the white man got nothing to do with it

So, before I end up on another topic, let me give my top 8 things and keep it moving. It’s late and I have a date at 7:30 a.m. with my 4 year old boy.

For the Black Man to pull ourselves out of this situation, we must:

  1. Form a religious base, and live it, teach it to our children, and lead our women. This is primary. We have become a Godless people. We sell our standards for a good time or money. As a Black man becomes richer, he acts a bigger and bigger fool. Some of the stupidest things our men have done have been committed by our riches brothers. No one else fucks up the way we do, because we do not answer to God until we lose everything. This has got to stop. We act as if God will never judge us, and we refuse to allow our brothers and sisters to “judge” us. With no Light guiding us, generation after generation of Black people are going further and further into the dark. Never before has the Black man been so promiscious, evil, corrupted, dishonest, abusive, and wretched. We were more Godlike and honest when we were slaves. We were better men, better fathers, better Jews, Muslims and Christians when we were struggling for Civil Rights. What does this tell us? We have abandoned God, and as a result, the Black community has become a Sodom and Gomorrah–where no man is safe, a woman has to turn to another woman to have a faithful loving mate, where even our children have turned their backs on their own family name. Drugs, alcohol, pussy for sale and funeral homes. We have become a dead people. So those of us who make it move far away from the rest of us. Find God, or nothing else we try will work.
  2. Value education. Ignorance breeds poverty. A man who fails to educate himself and his family will live his life always in wont. You must obtain an education, and then ensure that your children have one as well. Even if you are not raising your children in your own home, you must make sure your children are educated–even  the adult children. Without an education, you are doomed to working low-paying jobs, and having no access to good information. If you fail to educate yourself, your children are more likely to be undereducated. Even if all you do is read books, do it. Movies, bars and other wastes of time and money will betray you and your future. Your kids MUST finish their education.
  3. Learn the power of the Black Dollar. There are several parts to this concept. First, you must learn to stretch your money. Don’t waste it. Spend carefully. Choose quality, but not extravagance. We cannot afford to be designer clothes-wearing paupers. Secondly, we must learn to save money and acquire resources. Thirdly, support the Black Dollar. We must spend money with each other, and be inclined to spend money with each other. When you allow your money to leave the Black community, you make it harder for the Black businessman to keep his doors open. Therefore, by being reckless with your spending, you are causing another Black family to remain in poverty. There will be more on this concept later. For starters, read this book:  Black Economics. You’ll be glad you did. See #2.
  4. Learn the Power of the Black Vote. We don’t give a damn about politics. Politicians–both Black and White–know this, so they conduct their campaigns as if we do not exist. We must get involved politically, but first we have to know what is going on. Okay a poll:  How many of you believe Al Gore grew up in a household who supported Civil Rights? Like he told us at the NAACP Convention? Bullshit. When his father was in office, he voted *against* the Civil Rights Act every damned time. Like I said, Black folks, you don’t matter politically, because you don’t make yourself matter.
  5. Raise your children. We aren’t raising our children. Three-fourths of us are making their mother’s and grandmothers raise them. And those of us who think we are raising our children are busy at work while BET is teaching our sons to be pimps and our daughters to drop it like it’s hot. And you didn’t know your kids were having sex? Why not? Hell, y’all don’t get home till 6 every day… *I* would be fucking every day after school if I could too. Kids need mothers at home; they don’t need iPods and new cars at 16. Maybe we should redefine “raise”. Raise does not mean just “feed and clothe”. RAISE means we govern every aspect of their lives: their friends, the music they listen to, when they have an opportunity to screw, how much studying they do… everything. Most of you just have teenagers for roommates.
  6. Make our homes prisons. That’s right. In prison, nothing happens and you didn’t know it. When the inmates mess up, you don’t cover for them, bail them out or sugar coat anything. Otherwise they will walk all over you and you could get shanked. You conduct shakedowns and cell inspections. You dictate what happens and when it happens. You make them responsible for their own behavior or they never get to leave. And when they are paroled, moving back home should be a bad thing. Stop bailing out your children; make them stand on their own feet. They did their time; now it’s time for them to prove that they are worthy to be on the “Big Yard” with the rest of us–not running back to Momma and Daddy cause they couldn’t wipe their own ass.
  7. Find ways to use the system. I am not talking about welfare. I am referring to how this country and government works. We cry too much about 40 acres and a mule. Do you realize that the White man doesn’t owe you anything? Did England give America reparations for suppressing our colonists? Did Shaka Zulu give the conquered tribes help to get back on their feet? Has Roman emperors practiced the reparations process for defeated armies? Hell no. Why are you looking for the conqueror to continue to feed you? Like you’re still in slavery? Come on! We have access to everything the White man, the Mexican, the Chinese man, the Filipino–everybody. But the Vietnamese didn’t come here with their hand out. And I hope you don’t still believe the bullshit that there is a fund to give money to Asians when they get off the boat. My mother is an Asian, and there’s no such thing. We are the oldest minority in this country, and we are the poorest, because we are still waiting for Massa to feed us. NEWSFLASH:  All the Slaveowners from the 1800s have died. Learn to stand on your own two fucking feet.
  8. Remember that we are masters of our own destiny. If we commit to #s 1 through 7, we will succeed.It starts as an individual thing, and then it becomes a community thing. If we fail, it’s because WE failed. If we succeed, it’s because WE succeeded. Don’t forget to start with God, and you won’t fail. God has never failed anyone who has taken Him as a business partner. We must be a self-reliant people. We take charge of our communities, our families and ourselves. Because no one loves the Black man like the Black man. Never forget that.

And of course, there will be follow-up articles to expound. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Top 8 Things Holding Back the Black Man

I’m no know-it-all. Some of you may think I am acting like a guy who knows all the answers; I don’t.

But since this is MY blog, I’m going to give you the answers…

I have long said that the main weapon being used to hold back the Black Community is the Black Community itself. I may seem like I am overgeneralizing by making “the Black Man” synonymous with the Black “community”–and that’s because I consider the Black Man to be the keeper of the key to our success. Without summarizing this whole series (yes, this is going to be a series) with one statement–the Black community will prosper when the Black Man becomes a MAN and makes us prosperous–I want to give the details explaining why the Black Community (and thus the Black Man) is being held back.

If we as a people can embrace this philosophical solution, I believe that this community as a whole will be elevated to the status we rightfully deserve to hold.

I welcome skeptics, critics, comments and questions.

  1. We have too many “Momma’s Boys”.  This is perhaps the biggest problem we face. The man is the head of the household, the nurturer, the leader, the provider, the teacher, the guide, the protector, and the sacrificial lamb of the community. If any of these roles is not filled, the whole process of having a community/family/people are out of balance and miscombobulated. I consider any man who does not fill each and every role enthusiastically to be less than a man, and therefore a “Momma’s Boy”. And boy do I know this one well. I live in California–the Mecca of the Momma’s Boy.
  2. Not enough spiritual foundation in our families. To find a family that is centered around worship and faith is often a rarity. We use to be a people who walked by faith, and the churches were the center of our communities. Today–in the Black community–the center of the community is the shopping center/mall, the club, or Facebook. We like to look good, we like to be consumers, have the nicest cars, the best-dressed parents, get the degrees, the big houses, the six figure jobs–and church is for hard times and celebrations. Hell, if it weren’t for cheap weddings, high funeral home costs, and HOLIDAYS, most of us would never set foot in a church. It’s so bad, that when you find a spiritually grounded teenager you think it’s an amazing thing! As if it is only a small percentage of our community who are truly faithful to the religion they claim. Wait, it is….
  3. We aspire to be second-class peasants.  We are an entertainment generation, and we will subject our children to be raised by music and media in the effort to pursue more “stuff”. Yes, our juvenile courts are full of the best-dressed, most affluent, wannabe gangstas ever. These courts are not full of kids selling drugs to feed their kids. They are full of kids who want to act like gangsters. They are suburbanite children who wish they were from the “hood”. Why is it that our parents want to act rich, but the kids want to act poor? It’s so bad, that we look at educated, articulate, well-mannered men as “square”, and then we say that our less educated, rough-mannered men have an “edge” and therefore more attactive. And what happened to the gangsta rap generation of the 90s? Well, some finished college and got jobs and are now raising middle-class thugs and hoes. Others are the single moms and dads who are raising lower-class thugs and hoes. Someone once said that I am hiding my children from the streets by keeping them in the mosque. You’re damned right.  Some people just don’t get it; we have everything we need to elevate ourselves, but most of us would just rather stay in the ghetto.
  4. We floss too damned much.  That’s right. While some of us want to be from the “streets”, the rest of us only care about acquiring more and more “stuff”. When the Jena-6 were about to go to prison, the Black community could have shut that thing down. But where were you? What did you do? Wait… what the hell do you mean “who are the Jena-6”? Exactly my point. We don’t fight for causes, but we sure as hell fight to keep our houses. And our $700 car notes. And our jobs. No outrage for black kids losing their scholarships mid-college career in Massachussetts, but I bet you’re hella pist about gas prices! Do you know why the police pull shit with the Black driver that he won’t pull with the White driver? Why don’t Black cops whip White ass during traffic stops? Because (1) they know the white community won’t stand for that crap, and (2) they know the Black community will. But try to close the mall. Or shut down Black Culture Day at the State Fair. Or blow a freaking basketball game. Oh, we know where to place our priorities, don’t we?
  5. We don’t understand the power of the Black Dollar.  This should actually count as two thing holding us back. I could write a book on how the Black Dollar could change the world. First, we don’t give a damn where we spend it. Tommy Hilnigger says he doesn’t like the fact that Black people wear his clothes. According to him, you all cheapen it’s value. But I guarantee that half the niggas wearing his stuff know this already. We just don’t give a damn. If we wielded the power of the Black Dollar the way we should–we would run this motha. Secondly, we don’t allow the Black Dollar to do somersaults in our community. Bottom line, as soon as we make a dollar, it leaves our community. Try this experiment:  Take a full week and don’t spend not one dollar with anyone not Black. If you can’t find a Black-owned gas station, then find one with a Black cashier. You’ll have to do homework though. But I guarantee one thing:  99.9999% of the Black people reading this blog won’t do it. Not for a week. You see, there is a reason why ole Willie Bobo got something right with segregation… the Black Business prospered under Jim Crow. But now that we are supposedly “free”, the Black owned business doesn’t stand a chance. You don’t understand the power of the Black Dollar.
  6. Our kids are the dumbest kids around.  Real quick! Where did smothered chicken come from? If you answered “slavery”, I should slap you. Slavery didn’t invent soul food. This food came here from West Africa. If you must know, smothered chicken is known as “Brown Chicken Stew”. And the sauce? Brown sauce, aka “gravy”. How about collard greens, fried okra, and the ever-famous Soul Dish #1:  Fried Chicken. Yes, all from West Africa. My point is this. We have very little interest as a people about educating ourselves. We do not teach our kids who their great grandparents are. We don’t tell them that Africa has modern cities that rival NYC, that Christianity was darn near born in Africa. We have a history and a culture that predates anything in Europe and it damn sure predates slavery. If the only thing our kids know about themselves is slavery and Jim Crow, how can he be proud of himself? We don’t educate our kids because many of us did not educate ourselves. And I’m not talking about your business major in college. I’m referring to your knowledge of yourself, your knowledge of the world, your knowledge of the journey you came from and the one your kids will take. It’s so much more than what the establishment will teach you in school. Hint: if YOU educated your children, your relationship to them would be a lot better than it is now, and you will be preparing them for how they will educate their kids.
  7. We don’t marry.  The “baby’s momma” and “baby’s daddy” is all too commonplace in our community. When was the last time you saw a Black married couple under age 25? Wait, I hope you didn’t just say, “that’s too young!” because it’s not. See, we discourage marriage in our community:  You’re not old enough. No rush. Wait until you make more money, buy a home, blah blah blah. All the while we aren’t telling our kids to abstain from sex. So what happens? We end up with young adults screwing each other’s brains out while feeling no sense of responsiblity or obligation to each other or their children. We accept the guy impregnating our daughters and failing to marry them. We accept our daughters giving birth to a bastard. (Did that offend you? Good. Do something about it) Our kids are not valuing family–because YOU don’t value family. You seem to think “family” refers only to kin and baby daddy/baby mama is something on the side. Yet that “on the side” happens to be very important to your children… unless you make them unimportant. And there, we end up with the first part of this point: We don’t marry.
  8. We are still waiting on Jesus.  Calm down, folks. I’m not referring to the Son of Mary–the one who will return on the Day of Judgment. I am talking about the White man on the picture in your kitchens. Yes, you all worship white men. You pray to him. You blame him when stuff goes wrong. You ask him to make things right. You call him “God”. I mean, how else can I explain it? You are grown men, blaming your misfortune on another man! Where I come from, only God makes those decisions, and only God can free you. Only God can save you. And only God can make it alright. But when things aren’t going well, who are you tasking with the duty to level the playing field? Hint:  You aren’t going on your hands and knees and asking God to pull you out of this slump… You go to the “man” at the welfare office to have him feed your children. And he will feed them, but only if their father is not around (read #7). You go to the picket lines and ask him to give you 40 acres and a mule. (How are you going to ask a man who has messed you over, time and time again, to “make it right”? Do you really think he will?) You aren’t ready to solve your own problems, so you try to get the system to fix it. You aren’t taking these things into your own hands, you’re looking for Mr. Ofay, Willie Bobo, aka “the man” to solve your problems. And look no further than your scriptures:  God frees. Put your faith in God, and then tie your own camel (see #2 again). Don’t expect your enemy to do it.

So there you have it folks. And you have just been told what we will discuss in the next 8 articles. Read it, ponder over it, and we’ll rap about it next time. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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American Obama-nation: An Inaugural Poem

So, I’m in my room sorting socks. I have this really nice sock I bought at Nordstrom’s but I can’t find the mate. I look around and then I find this box of papers. Being the guy with Adult ADD that I am, I look into the box, and discover a stack of sales leads I was looking for for months. At the bottom of the box I find a folded stack of notebook paper:  It was this poem, that I wrote the day Brotha President was declared winner. I never finished it, had actually forgotten about it–and after reading it I love the piece as is.

And here it is, without the ending I never wrote. But I think it’s fine without the missing piece. Hope you enjoy it!

In my youth I tasted tears

Drank saliva

Bit my tongue

Digested gorged meals of humility

At the buffet of persecution

Eyes punish my soul

By ramming reality down its throat

They torment me

Replaying the burning Holocaust

Even as I sleep


History left ridges of welts on my back

Painted ripples of death-by-number





My reflection reads like a horror flick

Ghosts in every corner and dark staircase

Pushing through my veins

Each floor

Each chapter

Each generation

Every branch dangling from my tree

Drips the bloodied nectar

Drenched in the fruitful knowledge

That we can do it


That we did it


Don’t get no ideas, America

Times have changed

My soldiers, with their hardened hearts

Thirst for blood

Irritated fingers

Post up like oak trees in these jungles

Every foxhole unseen to the naked eye

With whispered mantras chanted

They are positioned in your dreams

We are no longer sheep in a pasture

The wolf bade us welcome

As we exited Hell

These fists have long cried the songs

Lamenting lost leaders and butchered children

Found among church ruins

We have pounded Wailing Walls

Until our voices calloused

We’ve tasted your wrath

And found it satisfying


No longer will we burn our homes

We are not the same

The turning Sun has brought you a new enemy

We’ve learned your lessons well

My pain strums the chords of my soul

Its fingers have wrapped themselves

Around your children’s throats

Their eardrums and their hearts

I am injecting myself into your mainstream

We stand between you and your salvation:

Leave him alone, America

Don’t get no ideas

He is our Prince

He is a blessing

Also known as The Handsome One

He is your redemption

The catalyst for change

The chance for you to say:

We are no longer enemies

Or are we still?

Will you repeat the cycle of our sanguine past

And history’s ills?

Shall you forever dwell in paranoia

Created by your father’s deeds?

Bring Palestine chickens home to roost

And doom your seeds?

Will you plant the sprouts

Of homegrown terror on this plantation?


The end is near

I can still smell the smoking gun

That fired the bullet that killed

Abe Lincoln





(almost got Ronald Reagan)


Don’t you get no ideas

There is a homicide bomb planted on every bus

And shopping mall

In this


To set it off

Would be senseless…


In my youth

I tasted tears

Swallowed lies

Laid down under the burden of the truth

But this time

The rules and the ruled

Have changed….



“America Obama-nation:  An Inaugural Poem”


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Are you upset about the election? I’m not, but I am worried…

Okay I’m about to get deep. Try to keep up with me. I don’t usually get this way about politics, because I have found–that like religion–people like to have discussions about subjects they have done NO homework on. I’m sorry, but occasionally overhearing the news while you’re waiting for the “RnB Afternoon Drive Home” to continue the Monster Mix don’t count.

And neither do listening to quasi-political, Black Power arguments by 25 year old so-called revolutionary poets. I will not argue with an 8 year old over the validity of the Santa Claus legend (who was actually a PERSECUTOR of Christians, btw). I’ll damn sure not argue with anyone over this subect, which is why it’s an article and not a thread on a forum or something.

So, to be honest, I really don’t give a damn about this election. But it is telling. It isn’t about White versus Black. It isn’t about Republicans taking over the House, or Democrats not getting enough Black support. But it IS about this nation being pissed the Hell off about having a Black President, and the desire to castrate his Black ass while he’s President. If you care about this President (and I’m a Republican, by the way)–I do–educate yourself, and stop wasting your grassroots political power. Like this election. More on that later.

Like I said, this election was more about Obama than people realize. The whole reason we have a “Tae” Party (mispelled intentionally… google “Tae Tagalog translate”) is because there is a Black man as President. And don’t have me that “well he’s only HALF black”  bs… are we in America? Is the 1 drop rule still the law of the land? (by the way, it’s amazing to me that we have so-called “conscious” Black folk who will call Bill Clinton our first Black President, but criticize Obama for not being “Black” enough!) Okay then, next topic!

Let me say this:  The reason the Democrats lost so many seats is because, at its foundation, Dems don’t stand for shit. We all know that. And the ones you lost were lousy Dems anyway. They waffled a lot, and that’s why they lost. See, here’s the thing. When you’re not consistent, people lose interest in you. Michael Jordan was consistent. So he kept fans. Prince consistently puts on good shows, so he is always sold out on the road, regardless if he’s got out a hit in the last decade or not. Minister Louis Farrakhan never fails to energize an audience, so he will always be revered as well as reviled by others. When a politician loses steam, it’s because he was not consistent in what he did to get popular. You can apply this to anything:  sports, politics, products, comedy, acting, slam poetry. When you waffle, people lose interest.

Obama’s claim to fame was that he was the right man for the job at the right time. To say he won because he was “anyone but Bush” is not just an understatement, it is an insult. Politically, he hadn’t done anything to excite the country. Admit it, most of you had barely even heard the man’s name before the election. But he is smart as a whip, he had the character and moral strength of a Black President (not even a broken heart in college… you know they was diggin’. Couldn’t find anything on this powerful, God-fearing black male. I love it). He knew White people enough to inspire, lead and motivate them. And he was not so “Black” that the country would revolt if we elected him. Black folk would have supported him no matter what (unless there was a belief he only had a snowball chance in hell of winning), and White people could satisfy the need to show they aren’t racist by supporting at most, a moderate Black man.

But his fight has just begun. He managed to stay alive all this time, and even kept his nose clean with the dirt-diggers. So plan B went well as planned. Plan B was to get him to say what’s REALLY on his mind, and, like a true blue dem, he won’t… for the subjects that really mattered. I have long said, that if he were to become a GREAT Black President, he needs to do things that would damn near get him killed. I’m talking about not tip-toe the line, but boldly either step over the line, stomp on the line, or stay to the other side. It don’t have to be the same reaction every single time. Don’t wave with the wind, you have to stand your ground and let people know where you stand. You can’t please everybody, and there you have the problem with the Demon-crats:  they don’t stand for shit. Our beloved President has fallen into that trap. I knew it when he backed away from his Pastor when the shit hit the fan. Good Lord, your religious guide? If he did that when the heat got turned up, what’s he gonna do to his faithful supporters? But he wanted to win the election, you say. Okay, I’ll give you that. We needed to get that Brotha into office. Do what you gotta do.

And speaking of which, this is what our beloved Brotha President must do. If Palin’s trailer park ass gets the Republic nomination, I’m joining the TAE party!

  1. He better understand that he is BLACK, and a BLACK president, and this country is PISSED the hell off because of that fact. Stop playing the game that those before you made because it won’t work for you. Stand for things you really believe and to hell what people think. That will give you cemented supporters.You say, that you’re a Christian, right? Does your Bible tell you that homosexuality is a sin? Did you learn that while under Jeremiah Wright? Do you *really* believe that abortion is okay? Does your Bible teach you that it’s wrong? My brother, take a fucking stand. You would be surprised how many people on both sides of the aisle have been waiting for a President with the testicular fortitude to say what’s on not just their mind, but YOUR mind. Then do what a President does, and make that shit a law. Do you really believe that legalizing marijuana is okay? All you need is $100 and a connection to get card? Use your Executive Privilege and change this bullshit law! You don’t need Congress or the Supreme Court to back you, have some BALLS! You will be supported by Black and White on that issue, Dems, Republicans, and Tea party members! You united us when you won, now do something BOLD and something that will be MEMORABLE.
  2. If people are saying and doing racist offenses, you no longer have to pander, bro, you are in office. Demand respect. You’ve long earned it. But if you fail to demand it, none will be given. Stop allowing assholes in the press to refer to you as “Obama”. You’re the fucking President of the greatest nation on Earth. Act like it. Congress is a check and balance system, they are not your boss. Go and regulate. Hell, George Bush’s ignant behind did it, you can do it. You might have to work a little harder. Go face to face. There is something about facing your enemies when you are close enough to cut their throat. Turns em into wimps. And if you are right–if you have a good argument–they just might be converts. It’s why the last mayor of Washington DC could win an election with very little political experience. He went and knocked on tens of thousands of doors, one at a time, and walked away with respect, awe, and a newly converted supporter. And you ask anyone from Washington DC–did DC grow under this man’s administration. Amazing power. Obama is buffered too much from his opponents, and we that love him can see his glow, but there are many that must see it in person. There is a saying that a converted enemy can be the most powerful, most outspoken ally of them all. Look at Paul. Look at Constantine.
  3. Remember than you are, secondly, a politician. You will not always get your way. If you force your way through all the time, you will lose support. Sometimes, you must listen to the the masses and go their way. Yes it is a slight sell-out, but a small bend for the good of the cause. It is, in essence, collateral damage. Just don’t make a concession that is highly damaging. That crap you pulled with Afghanistan (moving the war there), Obamacare (something that really no one but Big Business Medical Industry wanted), and Fail-outs just killed you politically, sir. Although many people are p.o.ed because there is a Black President, not all Tea Party members are racist or mad that a Brotha is President. They just don’t want to see status quo, and you are all too guilty of continuing it. They are really waiting for a strong President who will do what this country needs to make a change; and Big Business is not the way to go. Give your opponents some of the small victories that you aren’t crazy about, but actually good for the country, and they will have no choice but to support you. My advice:  Read Michael Savage’s book “Trickle UP Poverty”. He is an ultra conservative, a very smart man (despite having the personality of a drug addict), and actually offers a GREAT solution to many of this country’s problems. He is one of your enemies. But he is not a racist, although on the surface he seems like one, and he has very gutsy, practical solutions. You MUST reach across the aisle, as your speeches always ask your opponents to do.
  4. Don’t forget that you are a Black Man, and you DO owe us. We got you in Brotha. If another Black person ran, say, Condoleeza Rice, we would still be sitting here thinking that a Black Man won’t be President in our lifetime. Understand that even though most Black American voters are Democrats–as a community we are FAR from liberal. We do not support gay marriage as a community. We do not support a ban on guns. We are not all that fond of Welfare. We do not support Abortion as a whole. You must think like we think, not a Democrat. Because if you do one thing Dems don’t feel, they will toss you out. And here’s the thing about most Democrats:  they are actually pretty darned conservative as well! It’s just that they have more in common with Dems on socio-political issues than waffly stuff like that. MOST Dem politicians don’t believe in all that garbage either. They just pretend to support weed because it will get them the young vote. They support welfare and illegal immigration because they think Black and Brown people support it. Seriously, most of us don’t give a damn like that anyway. Shit, 50 years ago a Black family couldnt even get ON welfare! And ask yourself, revolutionaries:  WWMD? What would Malcolm X do? You like quoting him and wearing shirts with him on it, would he advocate legalizing weed? Would he support gay marriage? Did he want Black people to accept public benefits? Hell No.  We are just waiting for a candidate who makes decisions that actually elevates our cause, and says what we been trying to say for years.

So that being said. The playing field just got fairer. Our president will have to use his charisma with the people who matter most NOW to get his mission accomplished. He will have to drop the song and dance and stand for something. He won’t please everyone, but he will have to make a real “change”:

  • return money to the people. lessen taxes, which gives people more money to spend, and force our government to REALLY go on a diet. lower taxes, spend less. period.
  • Cut ties with Israel. They are expensive friends, and they start shit that we have to fight. screw em. We need to stop financing their terrorism, and make them fight their own fight.
  • spend less by bringing our troops home. period. NOW. Afghanistan and Iraq lost the war. It will de-arm bin Laden’s purpose for hating America. They can rebuild. let Haliburton loan them money to rebuild if you want to give out reparations.
  • speaking of reparations. Have some balls my brotha. it’s time the Black man got some. you know it, don’t act like we aren’t owed it. lay down the ground work. There are thousands of companies…. like the government–that reaped the benefits of slavery. Portugal, Spain, and England can all kick in. The question is, what to do with the money? I’ll tell you–pay for education. improve schools with more than 40% black children in attendance. provide free or low-cost day care centers to get moms and dads working–even if mom and dad are together. the number one reason I hate welfare is that it is only available if the man is not in the house. it discourages marriages in the black community. So the million dollar question:  where does the money come from? EVERY INDUSTRY THAT BENEFITED FROM SLAVERY. insurance companies, cotton/textiles, agriculture, the railroad in the south, the iron industry, the federal government.
  • the federal government? YES. let’s get rid of welfare, and save it only for men and women who are too sick and old to work, and put THAT money into reparations. Along with the tax we levy onto industries that benefited from slavery.
  • restore money to our military. we are not safe. It ain’t your fault, but we aren’t safe. Even American Muslims are being taken hostage. the military needs it. and during peace time, they can be used for
  • illegal immigration. all it takes to get here is proper documents and small fee. this way, everyone here is locatable, and pays taxes while they are here. anything wrong with that? immigrants DO work, i know they are not lazy, but they must be documented. Are you documented? do you pay taxes? can YOU be located in America? shouldn’t they? that’s why a man commits a crime, and majority of the time he gets caught. man makes a baby, he is located and pays support. any mexican, nigerian, or canadian can come here… with the right documentation. maybe it’s about race for some people, or it’s about votes, but at it’s core its about respecting our laws.
  • cut down foreign aid. we’re paying too much. period. save money for US.
  • how about rooting out the assholes who destroyed our economy with sinful loans and real estate practices? they’ve made millions, while destroying lives. another source of income!
  • find the people who raped our treasury during the last war and bring them to justice–like the $16 per serving meals sold by Halliburton and the $40/gallon tanks of gas sold to our military by  Chevron? make them repay the country. income.
  • put cheney, rumsfield and bush on trial for treason. yeah, you don’t win a conviction, but you’ll scare the shit out of them, and they will know you the wrong black man to F with! plus i love hearing Bush try to talk without a teleprompter… makes me feel superior. Who’s the War President now, Georgie? LOL!
  • and if you want to whip some ass, declare war on the country that clearly has hurt our country:  Columbia. They can’t fuck with us on a military tip. it’ll be a military win to restore respect. right now, we’re like the big kid that got his ass whipped by the kid from the math club–everybody thinks they can take us. Even North Korea wants to fight. NGA waaa??? Let’s stomp Columbia, and kick em in the nads and turn all our attention to North Korea. that’ll shut them up. they will realize this really isn’t about oil, fool, we will spank that ass. worried that we don’t have enough troops? go to the prison system. Nigroe you did say yo ass is a gangsta, didn’t you? like to shoot people don’t ya? well then nigga put on this uniform and form up! lotsa sexually frustrated, iron-pumping men who OWE this country their lives. two birds with one stone:  loosen the prison system, might not have to execute some of them fools on death row, and we don’t even have to pay them!
  • after Columbia and Korea, we can rent out our new gansta military to Mexico, HOnduras and El salvador to get rid of their military. Nigga you wanted to have fucking race riots in the prison system, you can serve your country and REALLY kick some Esay boodie!did i mention that we don’t have to pay them?

okay, i’m getting silly. But this election just woke up the political landscape. listen, because America has spoken. I pray that our president don’t just become another by-the-book president. he can become great, despite the congressional climate, but he will need to be BOLD.

Bottom line, we need to increase the money going to people–which stimulates the economy–increase the streams of income to the government (from the companies that ripped us off in the first place), and cut down the excessive spending. This in turn will create jobs, create wealth, and put money where it belongs. the better economy will alleviate crime and benefit all corners of this country.

I want to add… that Pres Obama is being blamed for Bush’s mess. The problem is that the five most drastic things he can do to put a major dent in the deficit, he’s not doing. They are so off the path, but effective. And it would take a ton of courage to do it, and he would have to damn near commit political suicide (like Lincoln and Kennedy did) for the good of the nation. Become a martyr, and you will be remembered by history. Play it safe, and you will be forgotten:
1. Sever ties with Israel. It’s bad for our security, and expensive as hell.
2. Lower taxes. Put money back into the hands of the voter. What comes with this is a TRUE cut in spending. He should start with bonuses and per diem for himself and Congress (not security, I’m talking lavishness).
3. End the war. In Afghanistan AND Iraq. Too much money, too many deaths, and hurts our security while empowering our enemies.
4. Levy HEAVY penalties on those who profiteered off the war, the real estate crisis, and the financial downfall. Make them bastards pay it back and bring criminal charges to those who deserve it.
5. Heavily cut back on foreign spending and welfare. Put the money into education and places that will REALLY stimulate the economy.
Told you my ass can get political… Thanks for visiting my blog.

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