About Akamo

I am my children’s father, and my parent’s son. I define myself by those who love me, and who I am is a nickname for who I am to those important to me. If you feel me, then you are halfway there in knowing who Akamo is.

Married and divorced 6 times (no, really), an older Dad (first kid came at 31), older brother to three very unique and awesome siblings. I am a student of the sciences and a lover of God’s creation. Even moreso, I love language, words, and the art forms that utilize them.

I am an East Coast brotha trapped in a West Coast town. I’m a black man trapped in an Asian’s body. I am a single man who is enjoying this role, yet secretly longing to get back into a marriage. If you want to learn about love, seduction and manipulating hearts (while avoiding God’s wrath)… hang around. I believe I know the way.

7 responses to “About Akamo

  1. Cassandra

    LOL..like I said before your a silver tongued devil! But I like that about you..

  2. Abel

    Brother Mustafa you are a man with serious vision. I did enjoy every article as you promised and I’m looking forward to reading more! If there’s anything we can do to make sure your book gets written, just say the word my man! Wishing God’s blessings and protection for you and your family. Keep writing, you’ve got a gift!

  3. Sometimes when we’re damaged, we convince ourselves that being damaged means we don’t deserve anything better than whatever it was that caused the damage. But everyone deserves happiness.

  4. goldenliontamarin

    Hey, cool blog! I’m an 11-year-old poet. Please check out my blog, http://www.goldenliontamarin.wordpress.com/ I would really appreciate it if you did, and you could also save a species you probably have never heard of!

  5. babyfromstkn

    You have an amazing way with words. I think you should keep writing. We all make mistakes, its human and humans aren’t perfect. Your words help people, encourage people, console people, so don’t stop. Keep writing and maybe others who thought they too have lost in love might find a way back to their true love too.

  6. calypso1971

    You are very smart, talented, educated and have a way with words. I hope to see and hear more from you as you continue to inspire more people to follow their dreams, start conversations and learn from one another.

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