Financing Our Own Reparations: With a Convenience Store… (part I)

Ever wonder why all foreigners who want to open businesses open businesses in the BLACK community first? No disrespect, just making a point.
It’s because the Black community spends a LOT of money. We might call ourselves second class citizens/poor communities–but we are far from it, especially if you compare what we generate to other communities.
Said all that to say this: We must think of ways to circulate money within our own communities. How do we do this? Answer this question:
  • Food/grocery
  • Clothing
  • Rent
  • ALCOHOL and other bullshit
  • Hair and hair products/Beauty/Nails
  • Fuel
  • Movies/Entertainment
Family, **millions** of dollars are being made off us, while we work jobs in non-black companies–making them money and just to finance these non-black businesses in our community. We must change how we view opportunity. We cry about reparatations and equal opportunities, but we consistently squander our wealth while pursuing work in companies and places that rarely hire Black folks. Think of it; don’t most of us work in places where we are a small, tiny minority? Most of us work in places that basically do not hire Black people. You might have a decent job, but like it or not–each one of us in our well-paid positions is our company’s token. You can’t bring your friends and family members and get them hired like the next man can. So why aren’t we gravitating towards work that we CAN hire other Black folk?
In the meantime, every Chinese owned restaurant in the hood, every Vietnamese owned nail shop, every Indian owned liquor store, every Korean owned grocery–in your neighborhood is making a MINT off you and your neighbors and they won’t hire your Black asses for shit.
An Indian brother told me (he told the Filipino Mustafa Akamo, not the Black one), that I could secure a commercial spot in the hood for less than $2,000/month, buy my racks and shelves for pennies on the dollar at an auction, and STOCK a convenience store (minus alcohol and tobacco–which I won’t sell anyway) for around $3-4,000…. That’s right, about $7Gs and I’d be in business. Five brothers could get together and open one at about $1,500 a piece. Convenience stores gross at a **minimum** $100,000 a year. Split that five ways. Come on y’all. We can do this.
Change how you think. Build your own reparations. Everything a community needs–we can sell to ourselves. Why are we still begging?


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2 responses to “Financing Our Own Reparations: With a Convenience Store… (part I)

  1. Sylvia Young

    Right On! I shared this blog post with my Union’s Black Caucus. This is part of my post to them.

    We really SHOULD do this. $7K? ‪#‎wegottogetoverbeforewegounder‬ ‪#‎nobrainer‬

    I always think about the lyrics of my FAVORITE ‪#‎tuneissocatchy‬ ‪#‎GottogetontheGoodFootandDANCE‬! James Brown song, “Funky President”.

    ♪♫”…Taxes keep goin’ up,
    I changed from a glass
    Now I drink from a paper cup, gettin’ bad,
    People, people, we got to get over
    Before we go under,
    Listen to me,
    Let’s get together and raise
    Let’s get together, get some land,
    Raise our food like the man
    Save our money like the Mob
    Put up a factory, OWN the job…”♫♪

    • Thank you! There is so much we could be doing with our money besides spending on things that do not enhance our lives. If we learn to make our money work for ourselves, we’d be so much better off!

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