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One of the cool things about the internet:  When you’re bored, and run out of productive stuff to do–the mind wanders. So you start thinking of things, places, people, events…. Like many people, I will Google old friends and family members. Not in a weird, stalky, rapist kinda way. Just a “I wonder what so-n-so is up to” type of way.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can find damn near anyone, but you also find a whole bunch of people whom you don’t know but they share your old friend’s name. No one wants to come across as creepy, so I tend not to add folks or message them to ask “Hey is this Jeffery Tsai, the kid who use to attend Taipei Elementary in the 70s in Taiwan?” And stuff.

So occasionally I find them. Old classmates, second girlfriend, one of my favorite school teachers (right before he died). And then I have sort of “found” them, but can’t break through some website, or comment buried under 900 comments that my old buddy wrote in 2003.  People have found me this way. I once reunited with an old flame from HIGH school when she ran into a good friend of mine in DC and got the correct spelling of my name and then searched me and found my business’s website. That shit was hot.

That’s one of the cool things about having a strong web presence; old friends will pop up, and I am easy to find. However, when I am trying to find someone, it’s not always easy. See I lived in other countries, some of these friends don’t speak English, are not on the American web (yes, search engines pick up sites by country, region and language) so that makes it difficult. I once sat in the infirmary in Texas next to my old next door neighbor (we were around 8 or 9 years old when we did) when I lived in Taiwan and that quickly we lost contact. I’ve looked for her a few times without success…

Well I decided to dedicate an article to my old friends. Within a few days, this article will come up on the search engines and just in case my friends or someone close to them does a web search of their names–this article will come up. If I am right, I should be getting in touch with some old childhood and college friends before we know it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  • Gwynn Barrigher (Clinton, MD)
  • David McGowan (Taiwan)
  • Hans and Eddie (Taiwan)
  • Melissa and Tammy/Tammie Gibson (Taiwan)
  • Richard Kozicki/Kazicki (Taiwan/Australia)
  • “Cabbage Patch”/Elizabeth Yao/Liz Yao (Baltimore, MD)
  • Philip Knight (Buffalo, New York)
  • Calvin with the one eye (lol) member of Phi Beta Sigma
  • Stephanie and David Dea (Washington DC)
  • Michael and Leah (Taiwan)
  • Jeffery Tsai (Taiwan)
  • Jep Tucker (Taiwan/Thailand)


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