The UniverSoul Circus Is the Only Place I Wanna Pay Money to See Black CLOWNS

Attention Negrowood:

Today I’m working and preparing to relocate. So a quickie:

I have officially ODed on Bullshit. Can we please get some old-school Spike Lee or Mario Van Peebles-style films? I’m a little tired of films where we fuck our daughters, or cheat on our wives, or kill our brothers, smoke weed, drink like fishes, dress like women, or otherwise act a stinking fool!

It’s not like Hollywood is putting these Uncle Tom images out. WE make these damned movies… Tyler’s my boy, but have some fucking dignity, Black man—you’ve already made the big time. It’s time to stop remaking the same stupid film over and over… Martin + Jamie = Amos n Andy? I’ll wait for the bootleg. At least it’ll go to a better cause. No wonder people in the poorest sections of the Third World countries come to America and look down on us.

Look what we’ve become… From Malcolm and Martin—to this.

Just look around you. You know what I’m talking about…

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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