A Crown for Invisible Children, part VIII


Sever those ties; it kills our souls

cut your ties for it will kill our souls

make no reference when the credits roll

like a butterfly, once a worm

you are beautiful.

leave the blood behind which still stains

all you do, all you think, all you say

bandaids on your face, cause you’re still in pain

call yourself those nasty names

kill your brothers playing childhood games

forgot the warm womb from which you came

changed names make your history die away

fly in the past like a horrible dream

plagues our lives in ills unseen

we’re not black because of Hell’s coals

it was all that suffering that killed our souls.


Invisible are the sinless sufferers, which kills our souls

Tears stain unwavering, unbroken chains

Keeps my heart heavy holding darkened skies

Invoking God fails to quell the pain

Like closed ears, closed eyes, closed mouths, closed minds

Lessons betray me: “Vengence is mine”

Struck by the momentum of a downhill ball

Overpowered by a disease that affects us all

Until I am dead, I’ll make you tall

Rather than cower being defenseless and small

Stand strong, escape and close your eyes

Optimistic Tomorrow hears your call

Unable to leave here without paying tolls

Leave here by plane, train, or shopping malls

Sever those ties; it kills our souls

© 2007

By the way, this last poem is an acrostic. ^^^

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