A Crown for Invisible Children, part VII


Unable to leave here without paying tolls


just can’t pass by without paying tolls

i pay each time i pass your school

your home, or another child who looks like you

i buried you with minded business and turned heads

unsure guesses and signs unread

ignored like dead cats in the street

your DNA puddles at my feet

expensive wrongs result in Satan’s debt

i’m in over my head

can’t sleep; my heart weeps with grief

as if i awoke with your broken body in my hand

my inaction has me surely damned

starting from the day they put you in your grave

warning came from the floor, the belt, the fist, the walls

to get there by plane, train, or shopping malls



Leave here by plane, train, or shopping mall


you must travel by plane, train, or shopping mall

escape the clutches of your furious future

balled-up fury to be unleashed on your seeds

shaved heads, crip bloods, or killing sprees

addictions, afflictions, and social disease

you will abuse your community

unaware that it won’t wash away with a 40

blown away with a 9

follow the signs and leave and never look back

Mexico, Korea, even Iraq

God’s plan for you is a far-away goal

it is where demons can’t follow

hollow lives swallow lies through invisible umbilicals

love won’t come from no balled-up five

you must cut those ties; it will kill your soul

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