A Crown for Invisible Children, part V


Until I am dead, I’ll make you tall


until i die, i’ll make them tall

raise them in our memories from the pit of forgetfulness

snatch down the curtains for all to see

pin your eyelids to your forehead

and brighten the darkest corners of a parent’s shame

blame lies with avoiding eyes

rising like the morning sun with every death

to take away your breath with piercing lines

open minds read signs all the time

shoulda been you ‘steada me

shoulda stood strong like a tree

billboards blasting along your merry way

shouting, screaming, injecting brains

biting, scratching, calling beyond the grave and all

rather lie down quietly, defenseless and small



Rather than cower defenseless and small


he’ll not cower defenseless and small

wish he’d had Superman’s cape and Batman’s toys

boys dreaming of stopping Daddy’s onslaught

Girl power gave the gravity gladiator

the ability to soar far away—extending beyond the reaches

of fists and hot irons and gut-wrenching roars

wishing it would stop

Jackie Chan fists and feet; Wonder Woman’s neat

Momma, did she use to get beat too?

use to think this was normal till he told his friend

but Daddy said that friendship would end

Daddy, what’s a ‘punk faggot’ anyway?

still wish i’d fly away in the skies

too long to wait until Daddy dies, so i’ll

escape this place when i close my eyes


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