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A Crown for Invisible Children, part IV


Struck by the momentum of a downhill ball


rolling downward i was struck by the ball

broke under the weight of a mountain of debt

pressured by enclosed notices and threats—

a human punching bag

i’d work if i could just make it stop

but i can barely write my name

plus the boss put an iron in his hand today

arguments with mother deflected off his retorts

ricocheted round my room with ravaging rage

raised eyebrows slowly sank while my eye raised a knot

never realized financial problems was a pain the neck

drained all sense and reason through the ink on certified checks

hospital bills never came, cause i never went

but i fell ill one day when i kissed a wall

we often die from disease that affects us all



Overpowered by a disease that affects us all


we succumbed to a disease that kills us all

suffering collectively, as a poisonous air

fills our lungs—worse than smog and smoke

the screams and sobs not knowing why

accepted ills try to self-distract in light

of another man’s business

yet Monday’s papers filled cups at the fountain with tears

drained from every eye feigning blind

God-damned shame when no child is safe at home

makes you wonder if demons roam

collecting our souls in this evil land

where Satan sometimes hears your prayers

rewards us for looking the other way, lacking gall

see the defenseless who fight and fall

if i could, i’d make them tall

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A Crown for Invisible Children, part III


Like closed ears, closed eyes, closed mouths, closed minds


closed ears, closed eyes, closed mouths, closed minds

has my savior yet come?

i prayed to God; He sent no signs

so please take my hand so we can run

to a far away place, open and wide

no secrets for me to keep inside

where people pry, inquire and ask

is a tortured child too great a task?

speak not, see not, hear not, be not

but we exist.

they chose to close us off

even Sunday school and my own teachers

avoided my glance and defer to preachers

who have taught me that the world is blind

whose lessons cut me with “Vengeance is mine”



Lessons betray me:  Vengeance is mine


betrayed me when they said, “vengeance is mine”

afterlife, destiny, intervention divine

legal lessons speak though turned heads

laziness and selfishness and apathy

left to God which much be said

labored as law for i am a life

lonely and waiting for his swift hand

lesions of welts help me track the time

like clockwork i suffer in silence

loud cries heard only within my deceptive smile

Lord of all heavens, save me please!

lift me into a safe haven like you did the Prophets

leave me here if you must, but please stop it

abandoned and alone, i’ll surely fall

knocked down by the force of a downhill snowball

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