A Crown for Invisible Children, part II


Keeps my heart heavy holding dark skies


they keep my heart heavy, holding darkened skies

breaks with every shake and scream

brings gloom to even the nicest dream

keeps guardian angels feeling like helpless spies

struck down in the dawn of life

never found their given mission

navigating short paths without vision

struck more than me by the time they’re five

sent into the dark when she lost her light

at a time when she should be loved

at least guarded from heaven above

sent unarmed, unguarded, too young to fight

as if the Lord knew not their name

though He is watching they feel no shame

we’d call on God if it’d quell the pain




Invoking God fails to quell the pain


we cried out to God but still felt pain

did we offend our eternal creator?

Mother Earth believe that we hate her?

we’d right our wrongs if we knew the blame

surely our parents have before prayed

faith was strong but it starts to fade

left alone we feel forsaken

blessings have taken too long to fall

small mouths and voices must not be heard

word nor thought nor feeling do

not answer prayers read black and blue

He’d come for me if it were true

the shepherd surely had shot His sheep

He and His flock left me behind

blind, like closed ears, eyes, mouths and minds

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