A Crown for Invisible Children

I have a favorite series of poems that I would like to share with you.

They are written in a style called a “Ringed Sonnet” series, and if you are unfamiliar with this style–and you love poetry–you should Google it and come back. I’ll wait.

I am a do-it-my-way kind of guy, so I deviated from the rules and made my own. It’s still recognizable as a crown… And I chose a subject very dear and close to me. Well, instead of telling you about the poems, I’ll let the narrators speak to you.

We’ll do two a day for the next 4 days. Hope you like them.


A Crown for Invisible Children


Invisible are the sinless sufferers; it kills our souls


the sinless sufferers are invisible, and it kills our souls

they are the unseen, broken little girls and boys

undeserving of a fate too painful to recall

manifested in the future of fractured homes and toys

punctured hearts too young to remember why

tug at we who praise progress prematurely

reminding the forgetful of the weakness of faith

unwary of the path we trample

littered with abandoned spirits of transparent seeds

glass houses cracked by the cold stones of ignorance

their blood leaves handprints on everything we touch

living as if we never heard their cries as much

we never knew about their sobs and shrieks

never tasted the salt in their tears of pain

and they stain generations of unbroken chains



Their tears stain unwavering, unbroken chains


tears stain generations of unbroken chains

dotting memories of nightmarish childhoods

blots of black and blue tattoos

marks the streetwise face of innocence

too young to know the dangers of growing pain

never wet enough to wash away

dark clouds, dark eyes, dark days, dark lies

begs to be bleached with happiness

and sunny faces with bright smiles

instead of the everlasting frowns that pound

while these babies still love them aside

from dirty secrets they must keep inside

under long-sleeved shirts and quiet eyes

protective prey that tell lies of falling down

sounds that keep my heart holding dark skies

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