Love Talk

It’s that time again.

So I am bumping around with some lines in my head that need to be developed into a poem, but I seriously have no time to do anything with them. I’ve just wasted 90 minutes sitting here in a coffee shop in Oak Park, smelling bitter coffee (their coffee sucks, by the way, but I love the location) and listening to bland conversations–trying to get something going. My silly ass frat brothers and sorors on FB have got me engage in silly conversation about cucumbers and thongs…. In other words, I’ve gotten nothing done.

The new piece, whenever I get it out, is about food and poetry, by the way. But until then, enjoy this piece I wrote several years ago when we had an “Erotic Poetry Slam” here in Sacramento. This was a first round killer, baby. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting my blog!


love of my life

talk to me











whisper me


i walk around

with you on my breath

your soul on my tongue

your life on my mind

dripping down my middle finger


let me lick lusciously

your mysterious, moist

mound of meaning

drunk from juices



rolled from my lips

to my chin

when your conscience submits

let me in

it woke me this morning

left scratches all over my chest

hold me

show me your scars


if i strip myself naked

would you let me open your legs like a book

and read you like braille?

i want to put your desires and wishes

on its hands and knees

tongue-kiss the back of your soul

let me hold hips

measure your dip

measure your depth

make you smile

make you scream

make you cry

make you sing

take your heart and tell your story

until I make it bleed

i can tell that you’re ready

cause you’re dilated

nine inches deep

two inches wide

enough for me to pry open

closed minds with my fingers

make way for our seeds

bring our product to be

yield new realms of existence


let me


open loud and receive me in your


hold me down

drown my sorrow with your tears

wash away my fears

let me penetrate your world

with spoken words

written onto mental scrolls with gospel truths

memories learned

burned onto my skin

leaving brands of you

for all to see within

love of my life

let me mount your mission passionately

 conquer all you came to me to be

show me that you love me

baby, help me

be all i was written to be:

a poet.

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One response to “Love Talk

  1. Maselech

    Ya Allah Mustafa! Such a way with words! Same man since college days… Whew!

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