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elusive woman,

help me.

help me find the words to create you

i am not God-like

but i want to pull you from my rib cage

breathe life into your nostrils

and say, “be.”

as in, be wrapped around my finger in eternal bliss

kiss my soul from above


is not any bathwater-drinking

toe-sucking love

it’s the kind to have me searching for you in heaven

praying at the top of my lungs

that He’d make you mine

the kind that defies God for you

pluck the forbidden fruit for you

gladly tip-toe the line between sin

and everlasting life with you

but like water you slip through these strong hands

disappear in a whisp of steam

always seen but cannot be held

except in the clutches of unworthy men

whose histories poison your past

littering your life with time wasted and lingering pain

disguised in caution—

my mind silently weaves in a passing thought:





let me dip my tongue into your essence

speak your desires into actions

and be what you wish for in the tumultuous darkness of night

elusive lady

mount your pedestal

and prostrate me

open your world

and duplicate me

guard my safety like the secrets we’ve shared—

the forbidden desire i’ve denied

but can no longer hide;

evade me no more.


let me leave you quenched

soothe your overworked heart

lay back and listen to the latent lapping

of gentle waves

slapping the wooden flanks of our new vessel

we will sail across a sea of unfamiliarity

navigating to the unknown vast

of new lives living in peace

resist the urge to remain


moan me your existence

scream our fate into an obscure whisper

like silent loudness articulating meaning


elusive woman

grant me reprieve and the chance to rejoice

come to me,

lend me

and my pen

your voice….






© He Spit Fire


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