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Top 8 Things Holding Back the Black Man, pt III (Spirituality)

I have been trying to get back to this subject. Some of you have asked about this and other threads, but I have just started two businesses consecutively and it requires my full attention. Excuses aside, I just have not had time. But I promise to try harder to get at least one article out a week.

So we have this recurring theme of ownership and self-reliance for solving the Black plight. No one cares more about our problems–other than those people wanting to profit/benefit off them–than we do. We must go it alone. However, does anyone truly go through problems alone? No. “Alone” is a path that must be trampled with God Himself. Because there is always another one when a man thinks he is alone. And if he is not with God or His Angels, he is with the Shaitan (Satan), and don’t you ever forget that.

Take a look at #2 of the 8 Things, found here:

Not enough spiritual foundation in our families. To find a family that is centered around worship and faith is often a rarity. We use to be a people who walked by faith, and the churches were the center of our communities. Today–in the Black community–the center of the community is the shopping center/mall, the club, or Facebook. We like to look good, we like to be consumers, have the nicest cars, the best-dressed parents, get the degrees, the big houses, the six figure jobs–and church is for hard times and celebrations. Hell, if it weren’t for cheap weddings, high funeral home costs, and HOLIDAYS, most of us would never set foot in a church. It’s so bad, that when you find a spiritually grounded teenager you think it’s an amazing thing! As if it is only a small percentage of our community who are truly faithful to the religion they claim. Wait, it is….

I don’t know how you feel about my next statement, but nothing could be truer:  No problem is ever solved without invoking God, without His permission nothing happens.  If you want to fix the Black community, you have to begin with asking for Divine assistance. And then you do what we mortal men must do to get it done. It’s not like God will wave a magic wand and everything goes away. How He works, He uses His Angels, He uses the elements, the natural flow of things as we know it–circumstance, “happenstance”, chance–to answer requests. God always answers your prayer requests, you just may not always like the answer. He answers yes, no, and sometimes, wait. But you must start with that. And the Angels are there to assist and intervene. However, the only thing they will not interfere with is free will, unless your free will is about to interrupt another plan of His. Little do many of our leaders know–not involving God and His laws is an act of Free Will as well.

Once you pray, you must then act according to whether or not you believe that God would approve. That means you must know His laws, what you can do, what you can’t do, and what is preferred you do or don’t do. Decisions must be made with this in mind, or nothing you attempt will prosper.

We must keep God and Godly ways in our homes and lives. It should guide and light our way, because without it, we will be lost in the dark.

My point exactly. Black people are lost in the dark. And even the man with a world of wealth, if he is not walking in the path of God and His prophets, will be lost. Sometimes (most of the time), God will take it away. Other times, he will punish you by allowing you to keep the wealth and he will let that wealth destroy you. Think of how many of our well-to-do family members experience drama and hurt, due to the fact that they are living far above the standard of the rest of us:  athletes, entertainers, businessmen, politicians. Wealth without God’s blessing is intoxicating. It will give you delusions of grandeur. It will have you thinking you are better than those of us who don’t have it. It will make you arrogant. It will make you paranoid. It will make you wreckless. It will make you do things you normally wouldn’t do if you didn’t have it. You must purify your wealth by sharing it, by praising the One who blessed you with it. You must do what the Almighty wants done with it–not just buy “stuff”.

And you wanna know why you went to a good school, work a good job, live in a good neighborhood, but your son still wants to be a gangsta and your daughter is a video whore.

God’s path must also illuminate your relationships with your spouse. You have to ask yourself, “Would God approve of how I’m treating my wife/husband?” You and your spouse must do things together that bring you together spiritually:  praying together, studying together, monitor each other’s behavior (not faith, just the behavior), giving alms and good works.

If you are single, you must hide yourself in God so deeply, she must seek Him to find you.

We’re not doing that, are we, Black man? Where do we find you? At the barbershop. At the club. At the liquor store. Out hanging in the streets. At the mall. At the bar. Not exactly places where God Himself can be found. And remember what I said about thinking we’re alone. God and His Angels, or Shaitan and his demons–take your pic. My beloved Black brothers–my beautiful, beloved Black brothers–you are burying your great potential under a mountain of bullshit that will require a ton of digging to release.

And it will all start with your relationship with the only entity that really loves you more than yourselves–more than those White girls whose souls you soil with sin. If you loved the women around you and your children like you say you do, then walk towards God and his ways, and they will follow you. Whether we are talking about your families, your relationships, your business, or politics, there is only one direction–towards Him.

The community is waiting.

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