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Ghetto Queens, Part II

Notice, there’s no “Part I”.

That’s because I have hundreds of poems, and I just happened to be editing this one, and I don’t feel like posting the first part. (Promise to post it later) But I have the feeling you might like this one anyway. Enjoy!



we Ghetto Queens

ruling the night

claws clamped down onto cash cocks

with my costly coochie clutch

abused since birth

exploited, educated, entrapped

on this earth

no man to lead me by the hand

provide shelter for my seed

left behind to feed

my baby, myself, my greed

i cook

i clean

i bleed

five days and i don’t die

forced to live the fallacy

of loving ghetto life

keepin it real—

a lie

survive on asphalt prisons

destined to serve life sentences

fueled by my nakedness

i strike

with the only sword i yield

i feel, i deal, i steal

your lives

i play, i sway,

betray your wives

command my stroll with Satanic stride

feed your death to my pride

inject me intravenously with

Coach, Gucci, Louis Vitton

Lexus, leather, Sean Jean

Donna Karan

Guess why i spend my

nights impaled on my back for you

black of the night beaming down

mother’s soul frowns on what i’ve become

what drove me to you

what makes me soar

what i live for

but the best of you

still greens with envy

my wink can make your

husbands and fathers and brothers

spend time in me

baby, don’t you judge me cause

America, you created me

though these streets enslaved me

hated me

X-rated me

my life calling is pleasure

and i hold the treasured loot

body of honey milk passion fruit

lick my nectar, nigga

take this pie in the sky

that awaits he who lives the lie

of loving his queen

yet can be seen with me

going to Hell

punany potion moisten swell

lubricate lustful well

long enough to make you rise

from the ashes of my thighs

give me life

give me death

hasten my last breath

ancestors beckoned me back

but birth has banished me

to the belly of the beast

better than the Proverbial bad wife

John can keep his life

my body has been breeched

as i turn sweaty

acrobatic back seat feats

for survival on these streets

most of all, my own brothers got me

dropping it hot, like the

ghetto dance floor remix

girl, set your thickness

on my prickness

wanna eat you for dinner

what’s the matter, baby?

don’t you like my spinners?

we are your mothers

your sisters

your daughters

alone we tread deep dangerous waters

left behind to fend for your babies

using the temple God gave me

in the way your selfish flesh laws

made me

coulda been a teacher

a doctor

a better mother

but thanks to pain and hunger

i’m nothing more

than another monarch of the moment

ruling the night

in my dreams

on these streets

sentenced to you serve as a

slave of the day

poisoning your minds in videos

life cameos

and club scenes

through your moral mistakes

cast yourselves into the fire

along with me

this is the reign

of Ghetto Queens…


Ghetto Queens, part II

© 2007

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Four More Things That Will Save the Black Man

I’ve been doing some thinking. 8 things just isn’t enough. My brothers and sisters, we have way too much work to do, because for one–we, as a community, have abandoned God. And for that reason, Black folks, we are on our own. But despite that fact, as we are getting our brothers and sisters to return back to faith and religion we’ve got our work cut out for us.

If you follow the last 8 rules, and the 4 new ones I present here I believe that the community will move forward, one family at a time. It begins with your family, then those around you, then those around them, until we have a major community-wide revolution. One community at a time.

Don’t believe it can be done? Anyone remember Rosewood? Muscogee? Mitchellville? Nigger Bar? Rocky Mount? Marietta? Where the hell have y’all been? Black folk have been prospering as a community for generations. Well, it all began with Harlem–during the Depression. Yes, you heard that right–during the Depression, folks. When that White man you like to beg from couldn’t even feed his own damn kids, let alone his community, you beautiful Black People experienced prosperity, twenty years out of Slavery. When a Black man couldn’t even eat at a restaurant. Or get a good job with the man. Or drink at a water fountain. Or marry a White woman openly. The Harlem Renaissance occurred at a time when Black people did business with each other because it was the only place they could do business fairly. Know your history, people. Because in this case, you might be lucky enough to be able to repeat it.

But my point in all that was that the Harlem Revolution (call it what it is–so much more than just music and art!) was sparked by the efforts of one man. His name was Phillip Payton, and when he realized that Jewish landlords in NYC wouldn’t rent to Black people, he bought apartment buildings and not only rented to Black people, he rented at very affordable prices. Eventually, White people rented from him. Not only had he become one of the wealthiest men in New York, he single-handedly tamed real estate pricest in the city–and created the strong economic community in Black Harlem, while the rest of the country went hungry. Eventually, Black communities all over the country began to boom and prosper–in spite of racism. So don’t hand me that I-can’t-do-it-because-the-White-man shit. Your great grandfathers did it when you the one with all the access and opportunity.

So on with our topic:

Four More Things:

  1. The White Man is NOT Your Enemy. So come off it. You are your own enemy. Not saying that there aren’t white folk that would love to gut your black ass when you looking at his daughter or blasting that music–but most white people aren’t tripping. Sure, some people have some hang ups, but don’t everyone? I don’t like lazy people. But I don’t stop lazy men from getting jobs either. No one can prevent you from succeeding, period. White folks don’t owe you anything, the government does. And you know damned well he ain’t going to pay. He owes the Vietnamese. He owes the Mexican. He hella owes the Native American. This government is not one that pays its bills. So what are you going to do? Not pay yours while you wait on him to give you Reparations? Nukka please. And when you put a prejudgment on all White people that you haven’t even met yet, we call that “racism”. Come on Black folks, we better than that. But I must admit, they do dance funny. Yet that’s besides the point. LOL
  2. Take Care of Your Health. We must be conscientious of our health and our children’s health. Our kids are the most cavity-having, overweight, diabetic, lethargic children ever. And our adults are no better. We live off fast food (killing our budgets in the process), which clogs our arteries. Not only is it bad food, but you are supporting an industry that insults us with the McRib–who the fuck eats that shit? Next they will come out with a “Watermelon and Pig burger”. All while the Black-owned restaurants and carry outs are struggling for business. Y’all give more money to the Chinese restuarants than you do Soul Food joints. We must eat healthy, get exercise (and get our kids from out front the TV and Wii), and live clean, healthy lives. When our health is poor, our life spans are shorter, leaving our children without parents and grandparents. And when your poor choices leave the children unhealthy–you, my friends, have failed them.
  3. Stop Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol. I don’t give a damn what they say about Marijuana does for your creativity or health–the shit is bad for you, and it’s expensive. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking tobacco and everything else. Stop using drugs. It’s killing us, period. When a man drinks alcohol he is more likely to be abusive and/or promiscuous. When he drinks without his wife/woman, he is highly prone to want to bone. What does that do to your families? Not to mention what it’s doing to your liver and kidneys. There’s no benefit to it. Just cut that shit out of the Black community; it has no place here. Especially if you want to go somewhere as a people.
  4. You Must Respect, Protect, and Honor Your Women. If you don’t who will? How can we function without our women? Even if you are married to a women who is not Black, you must still cherish and respect your sisters. If you don’t respect the Black woman, you give permission to someone else to mistreat her. Right now, most people think of the Black woman as big-bootied whores who are an easy score and a good lay. They are even looking at our teenaged girls that way. Wanna know who did it to them? We did, Black men. We started that shit with the “bitches and hoes” talk, the way we portrayed them in the media, in our music, in fashion… So much so, that right now it is difficult to find decent clothes for tweens (ages 11-13) unless you go into the white community. The Koreans don’t even offer normal-fitting shirts for girls in the Black communities. Why? Cause, Negroes–you don’t buy them for your daughters. But you’ll get Baby Phat all day long. You must honor your women, your children’s mothers (even when they act up), your daughters, your mothers, your sisters, and especially sisters in the street. Hey–I like a big bootie as much as the next man. But I will not dishonor a woman, period. And it’s worse if you do it publically! Right now, we have women who feel like they cannot keep the attention of her man unless she is showing more bootie and cleavage than the ones you’re looking at. Don’t do that to her, brothers. If you allow this, what is it saying about you and your community? This is seriously lacking in the Black community. I actually had a sister tell me recently that she could never be a Muslim because we supress women by not allowing her to wear a bikini! Nikka what??

Okay, today is Yomo Jumaah–day of Prayer in congregation. Got to get focused and thank God for the blessings I’ve received, and put a little bit of the money I made back for those less fortunate. Hope I’ve given you a few things to think about; we’ll rap a little about it soon!

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