Top 8 Things That Will Save the Black Man

I told you, I am a man of solutions.

I was called to the carpet for beating up my fellow Black brothers. Frankly, I think that was a bitch move. Not that I’m calling y’all bitches for defending the Black man. I’m just saying that was some bitch shit. And that is one of the things that makes many of our Black men..bitches. I mean, come on, yall! Are we strong men or what? Do we still have the Master trying to whip our brothers, that you need to shield him? Let’s just call a spade a spade, and get some brutal reality:

  • too many of us do not take care of our kids
  • too many of us are in prison
  • too many of us would rather appear as a thug than as a normal member of society
  • too many of YOU consider an ex-con a viable mate
  • too many of YOU will allow a man to fuck you and not feed your children
  • too many of YOU are being allowed to dress like whores and are not being checked by your man
  • not enough of us are prosperous, and the white man don’t have shit to do with it
  • not enough of us are educated
  • not enough of us matter to politicians because we are powerless, and the white man got nothing to do with it

So, before I end up on another topic, let me give my top 8 things and keep it moving. It’s late and I have a date at 7:30 a.m. with my 4 year old boy.

For the Black Man to pull ourselves out of this situation, we must:

  1. Form a religious base, and live it, teach it to our children, and lead our women. This is primary. We have become a Godless people. We sell our standards for a good time or money. As a Black man becomes richer, he acts a bigger and bigger fool. Some of the stupidest things our men have done have been committed by our riches brothers. No one else fucks up the way we do, because we do not answer to God until we lose everything. This has got to stop. We act as if God will never judge us, and we refuse to allow our brothers and sisters to “judge” us. With no Light guiding us, generation after generation of Black people are going further and further into the dark. Never before has the Black man been so promiscious, evil, corrupted, dishonest, abusive, and wretched. We were more Godlike and honest when we were slaves. We were better men, better fathers, better Jews, Muslims and Christians when we were struggling for Civil Rights. What does this tell us? We have abandoned God, and as a result, the Black community has become a Sodom and Gomorrah–where no man is safe, a woman has to turn to another woman to have a faithful loving mate, where even our children have turned their backs on their own family name. Drugs, alcohol, pussy for sale and funeral homes. We have become a dead people. So those of us who make it move far away from the rest of us. Find God, or nothing else we try will work.
  2. Value education. Ignorance breeds poverty. A man who fails to educate himself and his family will live his life always in wont. You must obtain an education, and then ensure that your children have one as well. Even if you are not raising your children in your own home, you must make sure your children are educated–even  the adult children. Without an education, you are doomed to working low-paying jobs, and having no access to good information. If you fail to educate yourself, your children are more likely to be undereducated. Even if all you do is read books, do it. Movies, bars and other wastes of time and money will betray you and your future. Your kids MUST finish their education.
  3. Learn the power of the Black Dollar. There are several parts to this concept. First, you must learn to stretch your money. Don’t waste it. Spend carefully. Choose quality, but not extravagance. We cannot afford to be designer clothes-wearing paupers. Secondly, we must learn to save money and acquire resources. Thirdly, support the Black Dollar. We must spend money with each other, and be inclined to spend money with each other. When you allow your money to leave the Black community, you make it harder for the Black businessman to keep his doors open. Therefore, by being reckless with your spending, you are causing another Black family to remain in poverty. There will be more on this concept later. For starters, read this book:  Black Economics. You’ll be glad you did. See #2.
  4. Learn the Power of the Black Vote. We don’t give a damn about politics. Politicians–both Black and White–know this, so they conduct their campaigns as if we do not exist. We must get involved politically, but first we have to know what is going on. Okay a poll:  How many of you believe Al Gore grew up in a household who supported Civil Rights? Like he told us at the NAACP Convention? Bullshit. When his father was in office, he voted *against* the Civil Rights Act every damned time. Like I said, Black folks, you don’t matter politically, because you don’t make yourself matter.
  5. Raise your children. We aren’t raising our children. Three-fourths of us are making their mother’s and grandmothers raise them. And those of us who think we are raising our children are busy at work while BET is teaching our sons to be pimps and our daughters to drop it like it’s hot. And you didn’t know your kids were having sex? Why not? Hell, y’all don’t get home till 6 every day… *I* would be fucking every day after school if I could too. Kids need mothers at home; they don’t need iPods and new cars at 16. Maybe we should redefine “raise”. Raise does not mean just “feed and clothe”. RAISE means we govern every aspect of their lives: their friends, the music they listen to, when they have an opportunity to screw, how much studying they do… everything. Most of you just have teenagers for roommates.
  6. Make our homes prisons. That’s right. In prison, nothing happens and you didn’t know it. When the inmates mess up, you don’t cover for them, bail them out or sugar coat anything. Otherwise they will walk all over you and you could get shanked. You conduct shakedowns and cell inspections. You dictate what happens and when it happens. You make them responsible for their own behavior or they never get to leave. And when they are paroled, moving back home should be a bad thing. Stop bailing out your children; make them stand on their own feet. They did their time; now it’s time for them to prove that they are worthy to be on the “Big Yard” with the rest of us–not running back to Momma and Daddy cause they couldn’t wipe their own ass.
  7. Find ways to use the system. I am not talking about welfare. I am referring to how this country and government works. We cry too much about 40 acres and a mule. Do you realize that the White man doesn’t owe you anything? Did England give America reparations for suppressing our colonists? Did Shaka Zulu give the conquered tribes help to get back on their feet? Has Roman emperors practiced the reparations process for defeated armies? Hell no. Why are you looking for the conqueror to continue to feed you? Like you’re still in slavery? Come on! We have access to everything the White man, the Mexican, the Chinese man, the Filipino–everybody. But the Vietnamese didn’t come here with their hand out. And I hope you don’t still believe the bullshit that there is a fund to give money to Asians when they get off the boat. My mother is an Asian, and there’s no such thing. We are the oldest minority in this country, and we are the poorest, because we are still waiting for Massa to feed us. NEWSFLASH:  All the Slaveowners from the 1800s have died. Learn to stand on your own two fucking feet.
  8. Remember that we are masters of our own destiny. If we commit to #s 1 through 7, we will succeed.It starts as an individual thing, and then it becomes a community thing. If we fail, it’s because WE failed. If we succeed, it’s because WE succeeded. Don’t forget to start with God, and you won’t fail. God has never failed anyone who has taken Him as a business partner. We must be a self-reliant people. We take charge of our communities, our families and ourselves. Because no one loves the Black man like the Black man. Never forget that.

And of course, there will be follow-up articles to expound. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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4 responses to “Top 8 Things That Will Save the Black Man


    • hey sweets! I havent been on FB in months! haven’t you noticed? i deleted it, the thing is just too darned time-consuming and distracting from the important stuff. are you still writing? you got the number hit me up!

  2. Pinklady

    Enjoyed this one, sexy man. Imagine that, a good man, who is fine AND intelligent and wise! **goingtojetbluewebsitetocheckpricestocalifornia….

  3. Jimmie flournoy

    I’m a 68 yr old black male,call me old school if you like.i grew up in the segregated south south when black men were real men fulfilled the role of head of household,raised his kids ,and role model model for his kids boys in what I’m seeing is our kids are being influenced by social media,professional athletes,B.E.T.which should be barred off wonder our children act the way they do and don’t let me forget hip hop it has ran our youth stone crazy and they want to call it a culture,cult would be a better word,it glorifies thuggery ,presents our females as half naked hoes and the negative side of this is our kids idolize them athletes included.Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. And let’s not forget folks we all are lnfluenced by what we see and hear.So black people monitor what your children are exposed to.

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