Carnal Woman

carnal woman
as fertile as the rain
leave me soaked in a
steamy, scented, sticky bath
of your juices
energize me
fantasize me
early-to-bed-early-to rise me
got me all insomniac over you
please let me please you
may i stick my tongue into your soul
and inhale your fragrance
as your nectar drips down my chin
swallow your essence
pin your hands to the kitchen floor
pressing hard against your inner fruit….

part your petals with my lips
stretching, softly, loudly sounding
squirting, whispers, grinding
gently pounding
wrap me tight in your womanhood
i want to feel you
i want to feel you
i want to feel you pulsating
echoes and waves
across to foreign lands and back
scratching at the scars of our past with your fingertips
forget that we ever had a history
before this
that the only thing that exists
at this moment in time
is us

let me enter your womb
renew all that you left behind
smashing headboards and slapping the back
stroke the shiver of your thighs
until you can see
the back of your mind
erect a monument at this very place
ride my spirit and sit on my—
grasping for leverage
and feeling air
pull your knees to your chest
point, penetrate, push
give you what you came for
throbbing rods spitting juices
scraped elbows
left wet on the floor
i cant sleep
can you feel me?
coming for more?
vibrating, thrilling sensations
numbness of overworked muscles
squeezing with rhythmic oceans
of flesh craving entrance
laying in a perspiring, satisfied heap
stain your aura with my sweat
celebrate your cervix with my shrine
leaving you with a
tingling in your pants
every time the phone rings—

carnal woman
as close to nature when God’s gift comes
open yourself and let me in
where i belong…

“Carnal Woman”


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