American Obama-nation: An Inaugural Poem

So, I’m in my room sorting socks. I have this really nice sock I bought at Nordstrom’s but I can’t find the mate. I look around and then I find this box of papers. Being the guy with Adult ADD that I am, I look into the box, and discover a stack of sales leads I was looking for for months. At the bottom of the box I find a folded stack of notebook paper:  It was this poem, that I wrote the day Brotha President was declared winner. I never finished it, had actually forgotten about it–and after reading it I love the piece as is.

And here it is, without the ending I never wrote. But I think it’s fine without the missing piece. Hope you enjoy it!

In my youth I tasted tears

Drank saliva

Bit my tongue

Digested gorged meals of humility

At the buffet of persecution

Eyes punish my soul

By ramming reality down its throat

They torment me

Replaying the burning Holocaust

Even as I sleep


History left ridges of welts on my back

Painted ripples of death-by-number





My reflection reads like a horror flick

Ghosts in every corner and dark staircase

Pushing through my veins

Each floor

Each chapter

Each generation

Every branch dangling from my tree

Drips the bloodied nectar

Drenched in the fruitful knowledge

That we can do it


That we did it


Don’t get no ideas, America

Times have changed

My soldiers, with their hardened hearts

Thirst for blood

Irritated fingers

Post up like oak trees in these jungles

Every foxhole unseen to the naked eye

With whispered mantras chanted

They are positioned in your dreams

We are no longer sheep in a pasture

The wolf bade us welcome

As we exited Hell

These fists have long cried the songs

Lamenting lost leaders and butchered children

Found among church ruins

We have pounded Wailing Walls

Until our voices calloused

We’ve tasted your wrath

And found it satisfying


No longer will we burn our homes

We are not the same

The turning Sun has brought you a new enemy

We’ve learned your lessons well

My pain strums the chords of my soul

Its fingers have wrapped themselves

Around your children’s throats

Their eardrums and their hearts

I am injecting myself into your mainstream

We stand between you and your salvation:

Leave him alone, America

Don’t get no ideas

He is our Prince

He is a blessing

Also known as The Handsome One

He is your redemption

The catalyst for change

The chance for you to say:

We are no longer enemies

Or are we still?

Will you repeat the cycle of our sanguine past

And history’s ills?

Shall you forever dwell in paranoia

Created by your father’s deeds?

Bring Palestine chickens home to roost

And doom your seeds?

Will you plant the sprouts

Of homegrown terror on this plantation?


The end is near

I can still smell the smoking gun

That fired the bullet that killed

Abe Lincoln





(almost got Ronald Reagan)


Don’t you get no ideas

There is a homicide bomb planted on every bus

And shopping mall

In this


To set it off

Would be senseless…


In my youth

I tasted tears

Swallowed lies

Laid down under the burden of the truth

But this time

The rules and the ruled

Have changed….



“America Obama-nation:  An Inaugural Poem”


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