Delivered by the Wind

Don’t ask me why….

I don’t normally do love poetry, but something just hit me today and I decided to write. Hope you enjoy it.

Wait. Matter of fact–some of you don’t know this about me, but I am also a poet (more on that later)–I think I will create a “Poetry” section of this blog and post some of my work:

if i could harness the wind
i’d use its power to make your life
part the sea like Moses
so you’d never drown in oceans of sorrow
borrow the stars to glitter your goals
and magnify all you do
so the whole world could see your
just how worthy you are of the pedastal
you perch in my dreams
higher than the moon
where i’d hover overhead
to brighten your darkest nights
illuminating the pathways as you glide
eyes wide open
so you’re never lost
and can always see
give you the strength of the elements
leave no dream unturned
raise the ceiling in the sky
put the favor of God
in the palm of your hand
there–where i eat, live and die
turn myself inward
find you everywhere i look
take your hand and read your fortune like a book
journey to the land where my memories were made
teach you who i use to be
then we’d lift your wings
fly you to the heavens
write your name on the sky
ride a cloud till you fall
asleep and dream
a new life together
where we’d never awaken
instead, climb to the highest elevations
realize all that you wish to be
wishing it’s to be
with me
the star of my dreams
can have anything you want
in mine
where the wind whispers secrets
and desires
turning the earth
if i could harness the wind
i’d travel across time
and deliver who you are
to me.



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4 responses to “Delivered by the Wind

  1. Cherelle

    Beautiful, frat. Whoever she is, that is one lucky woman. I would love to have a man feel that way about me.

  2. Ethel Robinson

    Very nice.

  3. Cassandra


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