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My Views on Marriage

First, let me begin by telling you–in case you hadn’t heard–but Akamo’s been married six times. Let’s break it down, shall we?

  1. Married at age 20. “She” (PW) was old than I was, at 25. Only five years but light years ahead of me. The sex was (I thought at least in those days) THE SHIOT. But we didn’t have much else in common, and then she was a very attractive woman surrounded by attractive men, and I was insecure. To make it worse, she was a flirt and I couldn’t handle it. The only woman I have ever argued with, and I swore after this one, I would never do it again… and I haven’t. We were done in 18 months.
  2. Married at age 24. SC were her initials, but I nicknamed her “Sexy Chocolate”, perhaps the prettiest of them all. She is 4 years younger than I was, and we had issues because of a mistrust issue between us. This time it was her a and not me. And yes, she was a flirt too. Perhaps too beautiful for me also. We had attention everywhere we went, and she wasn’t very good about throwing disrespectful men off. We broke up over something silly, but I never went back completely because I did not like the jealous feeling and never wanted to experience it again. She is the reason I avoided women who were model-pretty. Over in 4 months.
  3. Married at age 26. I never told anyone about this girl SR. Her parents didn’t like me so we did some Romeo and Juliet-type shit. We got married without anyone knowing, with the understanding that she would be a woman and tell her parents and move in with me. She never did, and never moved in with me. That’s what the hell I get for fucking with a woman I meet working in McDonald’s. Done in 6 months.
  4. Age 29. SS, the mother of my older two children, and the worst wife I ever had. She was completely a verbal abuser, she preferred her male friends and weed over me and the kids, wanted to abort both my kids and rejected them when they were born, the only person I have ever actually hated. I could do a ton of articles on this bitch alone. And she was worse after our marriage than while we were married. When we split up, she wanted to pursue her education, so I kept the kids (as well as my stepdaughter). She likes loser men and when she’s feeling bi-curious, loser women too. We were done in 2 years, although I wanted to leave a month after we married. This bitch is the devil.
  5. Age 37. After nearly 8 years of being single, I got her pregnant (yes, I was fornicating… another story) and married her because she was giving me a hard time seeing my baby. I never really loved her. I thought she was a good woman, despite being crazy as catshit, and tried to make myself happy. But her temper left a lot to be desired, and when she started making my children unhappy… she had to go. Sometimes I will refer to her as a bitch, but she’s crazy and can’t help it. We were done in 18 months.
  6. Age 40. My second attempt at marrying a gorgeous woman. Law enforcement officer, and terribly mentally disturbed. She was actually not a bad wife, but her jealousy, bipolar disorder, and hot ass temper gave me no choice but to leave. She threw us (me and my kids… we got a house together) out three times. On the third time, I was done. On top of that, I was out of work during our marriage and stressing over my business, and all she did was kick me. The little help she did was rubbed in my face so that erased any support she provided me. Then on top of that insulted me daily and after we left fluctuated between wanting me back and hating me. I was every type of loser in the world, and 9 months after we split, I am a Vice President of a company with nearly a six figure salary. I guess being with her must have blocked my blessing. It took 9 months for me to lose everything I had (while we were married), and 9 months to get mostly everything back, including my pride and self-esteem.

So, although I may seem like I am the last person you’d want to take advice from, I happen to know every mistake I made after some serious reflection. Hopefully, I can guide through your own relationships so that you don’t make the mistakes I made.

In the next three installments, I will sum up my philosophy on marriage. Hopefully you will find something useful in what I have experienced, and in the lessons I learned. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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