What You Can Do to Stop Your Man from Cheating

The secret to stopping a man from cheating is….

You’re kidding, right?

You actually believe that there is something a woman can do to stop a man from cheating on her? There are tons of books on the subject. Everything from “catch a cheating man” to “stop a cheating man” to “never be cheated on again”. They are making millions of dollars off this subject and no matter how much you learn about cheaters and men–you will never stop a man determined to fool around… except shoot him.

The sad thing is that infidelity is at an all-time high, and with the availability of porn, the shamelessness with how women dress and approach men, the lack of consequence for getting caught, the social acceptance of infidelity, and the overall lack of moral foundation most people have–there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

Or is there?

You can do your best to just pick a good man from the beginning. Sounds logical! Pick a good man who brings himself home after work, who loves his wife and kids enough to protect his honesty when they’re not around, who guards his gaze, who can stand in the middle of the fire of his loins and not get hot… and you’re okay!

Well the truth is, that is all you need to do. Pick a good man and there will be no need to go through his phone when he’s in the shower or worry when he goes to work with all those good-looking young fillies. The difficult thing is to learn how to recognize the good and bad in a man and distinguish between the players and the hubby material. The task nearly as difficult as that is knowing where to find such a good man. And next to that, how do you keep a good man?

Well, stay tuned and I will help you answer those questions.

I mean, being a good man and all, I think I’m qualified to help you determine when you have a good one. And if you’re a man who really wants to have the riches of this life–through your woman–stick around. I’ll help you learn the ropes too, my friends.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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One response to “What You Can Do to Stop Your Man from Cheating

  1. Cassandra

    How easy is it to say to the woman…”find a good man” do they exist? We’re human we’re flawed..so isn’t it more so find a mate you are willing to tolerate? What makes a man “the good one”? What characteristics does this man have to posses in order to qualify? aside from the basic ( work, loyal etc) I’m curious…

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