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Hello World!

Hello Readers!

This is a new blog, but I am in no way new to blogging.

We won’t be discussing my other blogs, but I want you to know that I’ve been doing this for a few years with some successes. This blog will be just that–a blog. I’m not here trying to sell you anything, make political or religious statements… Wait, maybe the statements. On this blog we will be talking about relationships, current events, business, love, sex, religion, relationships, blah blah blah. Basically, I am gonna be here, running off at the fingertips and hopefully what I write will be interesting enough for you to want to come back and read some more.

You won’t agree with everything I say, and you’re opinion is welcome. Regardless of how wrong it is (lol), just make yourself known and heard and use this blog as a soap box! In a way it’ll be like a Facebook wall, but the posts don’t get buried under a whole bunch of bullshit. We have a search option and categories for you to be able to sort through the posts and find what interests you. So use it!

I’m not going to put my bio here, but as you read, you’ll discover a little more about me and be able to piece together who Mustafa Akamo is. I hope you like him…

Have a great day, y’all, and thanks for visiting my blog.


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